Today’s question to work on is: How can I multitask efficiently?

I have put some thought into this. At the spur of the moment I can be don’t have to think of it. I just do it. Example: carrying business out over the phone, making the baby’s bottle and watching over another person to have a well executed job. That to be is a no brainer. However when it comes to large tasks needing my undivided concentration I feel as if I am being interrupted if I am asked to jump on to something else because I am still not done with the task at hand.

Do you know what you can multitask with?

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Quotes of my day

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”
Albert Einstein

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosvelt

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There is always something in life to fix. You might want to fix or find a solution. What you must think is…Is that for you to do. Can the solution come by itself or go by itself.

The reason for our being to see problems is because you cannot see the opportunities in the situations.

There is no situation not having to take an opportunity from.

I wish you the best in whatever situation you might be in and take the best from it.

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Dear reader,

Today is the day to better yourself.

Life is a cycle, not a round one. You can change the way you go about your Life.

You have experienced pain when you were 5 years old and you have experience pain in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so on however each time was different. I will say it was not different! Your perception was different because of your age so you changed the way you deal with pain.

Apply this concept to everything else. Make yourself aware of your thoughts and actions of the past, break a bad cycle or continue a good cycle for your present future.

Enjoy Life Every Day As If It Were Your Last.

Coach Monica

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Time management

The simple definition of TIME MANAGEMENT is the decision to make time.

Your perfect day can happen! You just have to want to take a step forward instead of thinking the “W”‘s of time. The what, when, where, who and which will happen as soon as you do something to move closer to the final thought.

This can sound complicated if you are thinking of the “W”‘s. JUST DON’T!

JUST ACT! Through the years I have been told to think before acting, to analyze, to make sure but while I was doing all that I realized I was wasting time. Precious time that I can’t ask back from those who advised to THINK.

Now this is where things became easy. When I thought about something I wanted to do, I did it right after the thought was in me. I have learned I can do anything my mind puts out. I only need the will power.

Do you have the will power to manage your time how you want to?

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I like to have control over myself. I like to control my day. I like the fact that I chose to control what I say and what I do in every situation of my day.

That is all great. The power to want to have control needs to be let go. This is why…Balance.

I am satisfied when I have no control over my day and my day goes as I want because I have a positive attitude. I go around with an open mind and happy to learn the new ways of being.

I can say I will let myself go with the day, instead of, I have control over my day. I have the Power within me to know I can give up control and have control at any time. Yes! I can control what I think, what I say and what I do.

Have a Great Day!

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Hello world!

Welcome to My positive word of advice at This post is for you.

At any point of your journey you feel you want to get to the core of you. I can help, you can let me know by emailing me at

Enjoy life!

Coach Monica

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There are many things we do to feel fulfilled.
Eating without being hungry.
Having much to say but saying nothing.
Saying everything but what is truthfully in your thoughts is not being said.
Making excuses for yourself.
Believing in your own lies.

Make a change today by telling yourself NO MORE!
Stop damaging yourself. Your soul, mind and body have to be one to function in a balanced way.

Ask yourself, What can I do different to feel fulfilled?

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What is today’s priority in your personal life? Give yourself a minute to breath and hear your conscious.

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Changes in life are good when you feel good about yourself. Sometimes being scared doesn’t have to be connected with something bad. Feel challenged and see a new you at that present future moment.I completely sympathize with everyone. Even though I have not lived your life, I do ask myself how would it feel if I did and that is how you should think. What if I was okay, what would it be like ….

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